Our new flat roofing tiles combine aesthetics, elegance and advanced technology. Above all, their flexibility and stability set new standards.

  • the ultimate tile for the renovation sector in 13 mm format
  • innovative interlocking
  • very high stability
  • large displacement range
  • elegant design
  • very good ecological balance
Overall surface approx. 258 x 430 mm
Surface to be covered approx. 211 x 328 to 360 mm
Batten width approx. 328 to 360 mm
Weight approx. 34  kg / tile
Standard roof pitch 20°
Requirement approx. 13 tiles
Package unit 36
Pallet contents 288

Subject to technical change.



Meyer Holsen Opus  |  Engobe  |  carbongrau

20 years' guaranteed subsequent delivery

Apart from changes due to the raw material, subsequent delivery is guaranteed for a period of 20 years starting from the date on which your selected model was first delivered.

Fully guaranteed for 40 years

We are the only roofing tile manufacturer in Germany to guarantee delivery of the roofing tiles and also that all costs (pay-scale wages, social burdens and auxiliary materials) incurred by the contracting firm will be assumed for a period of 40 years as from the date of delivery.