Dachkeramik Meyer-Holsen – Natural clay.

Our family company has been deeply rooted in the roof tile industry since 1860.

The traditional values that have been cherished by the Meyer-Holsen family for generations have not changed in the past 160 years: the responsible use of natural raw materials, solid craftsmanship and the greatest care in processing for clay products of the highest quality.

Tradition is about passing on the fire: therefore, we are not looking back on the past for this anniversary – rather, we are setting clear directives for further development and preparing ourselves for future challenges.

This involves both the development of new, innovative clay products and the technological optimisation of our production processes.

With two ultramodern tile production facilities in the Minden-Lübbecke district, both equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we can guarantee in both quality and quantity the reliable delivery of high-quality roofing tiles as well as secure jobs in our local region.

This is because sustainable management is the basis underlying the success of our business. In this way, we can develop new opportunities, minimize risks and face today's social and entrepreneurial challenges. We use resources sparingly and efficiently, while showing responsibility in our dealings with employees and the community.

Top-quality products for the highest of demands and individual, exemplary solutions – these characteristics will continue to distinguish Meyer-Holsen in the future.

20 years' guaranteed subsequent delivery

Apart from changes due to the raw material, subsequent delivery is guaranteed for a period of 20 years starting from the date on which your selected model was first delivered.

Fully guaranteed for 40 years

We are the only roofing tile manufacturer in Germany to guarantee delivery of the roofing tiles and also that all costs (pay-scale wages, social burdens and auxiliary materials) incurred by the contracting firm will be assumed for a period of 40 years as from the date of delivery.