Facade ceramic

With its striking appearance, our innovative facade ceramic adds a special touch to modern facade designs without visible fastening. Vertico is ideally suited for fully cladding a building, and for adding selective accents in harmony with other materials.

Benefits at a glance:
» Low weight: approx. 33 kg /m²
» Low water absorption
» Light, and therefore can be mounted and transported quickly

Easy mounting

Mounting is technically simple, fast, and, can be done in any weather.

Vertico is fastened to the facade via a substructure, and therefore fits securely as a surface to the wall, and around building corners. Thanks to their low weight, the tiles are easy to mount, while being very robust at the same time.

Technical data

Our Vertico facade ceramic is available in two standard sizes.


Vertico 24

Dimensions: 500 x 240 x 35 mm
Thickness: 8 mm

Per facade element: approx. 3.3 kg
Per m²: approx. 33 kg

Number per m²: approx. 10 facade elements

Mounting: with screws
(6 holes per facade element)


There are currently two profiles available:

» Standard profile
» L profile

with a thickness of 8 mm.


Clean corners
For the building corners, we supply matching corner elements for each model.

Surface finish

You can choose between two Vertico facade ceramic surface structures:

» Wood grain
» brushed

You can choose between seven colours:

Line 1

» ruby red
» brick red
» alaska white
» alaska white plus

Line 2

» carbo
» schmoke grey
» rustico

Colour selection

Natural irregularities, original patterning, and subtle shading add to the overall natural appearance of Vertico.

Line 1





alaskaweiß plus

Line 2



smoke grey


20 years' guaranteed subsequent delivery

Apart from changes due to the raw material, subsequent delivery is guaranteed for a period of 20 years starting from the date on which your selected model was first delivered.

Fully guaranteed for 40 years

We are the only roofing tile manufacturer in Germany to guarantee delivery of the roofing tiles and also that all costs (pay-scale wages, social burdens and auxiliary materials) incurred by the contracting firm will be assumed for a period of 40 years as from the date of delivery.