Double interlocking tile

The classical double-troughed interlocking tile with outstanding product properties and a distinctive profile which also makes this tile  eminently suitable for use on historic monuments.

Overall surface
 approx. 244 x 407 mm
Surface to be covered
 approx. 204 x 337 mm
Batten width
 approx. 335 to 344 mm 1
Weight approx. 3,1 kg / tile
Standard roof pitch
 30° 2 
Requirement approx. 15 tiles / m2
Package unit 
Pallet contents 

Subject to technical change.
1 Must be checked in accordance with DIN EN 1304 before tiling the roof.
2 The standard roof pitch of the double interlocking tile could be up to 25°, if this tile is covered in bandage.