Dacapo universal roofing tile

The Meyer-Holsen Dacapo universal roofing tile is a classic success product with a tradition dating back over one hundred years. Modified and upgraded to today’s demands, this proven model is now back in the range again.

Overall surface
 approx. 240 x 410 mm
Surface to be covered
 approx. 204 x 250 mm to 350 mm
Batten width approx. 250-350 mm 1
Roofing with verges approx. 325-350 m1
Weight approx. 2,9 kg / tile
Standard roof pitch 30°
Requirement approx. 14-19 tiles / m depending on batten width
Package unit 
Pallet contents 

Subject to technical change.
1 Must be checked in accordance with DIN EN 1304 before tiling the roof.